“Having never worked with an editor, I wasn’t sure what to expect but gave Clare some basic concerns I had with my manuscript. She not only addressed the points I gave her but went above and beyond and pointed out several things I didn’t consider. If you need a competent editor who can work thoroughly and quickly, Clare’s a great choice. But I want to point out that her attitude is just as valuable as her insight.  Even though impartial feedback is necessary for the writing process, I think a lot of writers, myself included, are worried editors are going to mercilessly rip their works to shreds or focus more on the criticism part of “constructive criticism.” Clare is especially great for newer writers because she tells you what works along with what doesn’t and knows how to give honest, helpful feedback in a supportive way. She has the combined experience of a writer and editor, which means she understands an author’s perspective. She explains things without causing panic or despair and still delivers the services you need an editor for in the first place. If you’re the kind of writer that becomes invested in your work or feels protective of your characters and story, you can trust Clare with your baby.”  – Finn Manning

“Clare works quickly, yet efficiently, and her feedback on my manuscript was invaluable. Her comments are constructive, offering suggestions on improvements that are insightful but also true to the story and characters. Clare has such an extensive writing background that she’s familiar with what works and what doesn’t for a story. She’s easy to work with, reliable, and friendly. Clare is one of the first editors I’ve worked with whose feedback and edits on my manuscript were done with the author in mind, in a way that didn’t criticize my work, but that offered well-thought out and detailed observations. I look forward to working with Clare again on a future manuscript.” – Amy Aislin

“Clare was a pleasure to work with. In just a short period of time she uncovered the biggest improvements I could make to strengthen my novel. Her analysis was detailed and brought to light observations that I would have struggled to uncover myself. She looked at the manuscript on a couple of different levels and provided insightful analysis on the plot, the characters, as well as the setting. I feel I can take what Clare has provided me and use it to make my manuscript its best. If anyone is on the fence about if Clare can help your story, I hope you take the leap and see what she has to offer.” – Michelle Brown

“Working with Clare was smooth and easy. She had fast turnaround and gave great insight on how to improve my story. Her feedback was detailed and easy to understand, and I read somewhere that you have to agree with over 80% of what your editor says to make a great fit, and I’d say I took on about 90% of Clare’s advice. She’s great to work with and I highly recommend.” – Eden Finley

“Thank you so much for your time editing my book. I’ve spent so much time in the story that I couldn’t see it clearly anymore. You really helped by pointing out some holes in the character development and noting weak points in the narrative. I can tell you’ve got the chops. Your suggestions were kind and clear. My story will be better because of your help. I’ll be in touch again when I need a good editor. ” – Marolyn Krasner