About Me

I’ve read a lot of books over the years about techniques for plotting novels, effectively writing them and self-editing. I’ve also studied what makes protagonists and antagonists interesting and creating character arcs in novels.

I have a BA degree in English & Communications and have always been interested in the English language, enjoying studying what makes certain books successful and their authors famous. I’ve also studied grammar and copy editing.

I write under two different names – Clare Solomon and Clare Jayne – to find readers for the various genres I write in. As myself, I have gay male/male novels self-published that are often also science-fiction, fantasy or supernatural. My Clare Jayne pseudonym covers my historical novels, which include historical romance and historical mysteries.

My Specialised Knowledge

I love to read fiction in many different genres. As you will see on the main editing services page, I’m happy to copy edit non-fiction or fiction in any genre but will only offer structural analysis and editing for manuscripts in these fiction genres: fantasy, supernatural, science-fiction, historical romances, historical mysteries and gay romances. This is because I believe that I can only provide a good analysis of whether a book works well within a certain genre if I have a strong understanding of that genre. For instance a character-driven historical romance has particular reader expectations: people want a setting that gives a strong feel of a particular time period; they expect the romance to be the main focus of the story; they generally want historically accurate language used. A fast-paced SF novel with a strong plot would need to be written and critiqued in a completely different way and someone who’s never read SF stories wouldn’t, for example, be able to recognise a science-fiction cliche.

I’m British, so I only accept manuscripts written in English and I offer editing work that follows UK rules of grammar and spelling.

How to Contact Me or get Further Information

Please do get in touch by completing the contact form or e-mailing me if you want to discuss your editing requirements or need help in deciding what your book needs are. There is also a Resources page on this website so you can find articles and books to help you further.

If you want to find out more about me as an author you can find my websites at and